“All my colleagues are always willing to help” - Toon Titulaer

Less than half a year ago I joined the Agidens team. I am working as Junior Software Engineer for the Process Automation division.

They immediately got me started on a project and I was not long in the “getting started” phase. This made me feel appreciated.

In spite of the quick start, I still got the chance to learn and all my colleagues are always willing to help.

As a junior you will quickly get in touch with customers and learn how an engineering project is being managed and executed. You can dive right in and apply the things you have learned in school.

Day-to-day tasks

1. Programming PLC’s for two different projects
2. Managing the Automation tasks within a project: writing FDS, User Manual, planning different stages of the project
3. Improving internal documents, for example IO list generation with VBA

A few quick questions

What did you study?
  • Electrical Engineering, major Industrial Automation

Why do you like working at Agidens?
  • Working in a young team

Which arguments can convince future colleagues to choose for Agidens?
  • Colleagues are always willing to help

What do you like about your current job?
  • Immediately started to work on a project

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