Diversity, older and younger staff

Everyone welcome long term

To work at Agidens, we look at your education, experience and skills. And if it looks good, you are welcome to join us. Age, gender, background and the like are not important in our decision.

We give special attention to older employees in our diversity policy. For a technological company such as Agidens, their experience is particularly valuable.

Older people and younger people work together

We try to keep everyone on board at Agidens for as long as possible. A large number of our employees have 25 years of service and more. Our over-50s burn with dynamism, are part of a very welcome group and are often given key roles. They usually work together with a younger employee so that we can combine the strengths of young and old.

For a technological company it is quite unusual for us to be able to keep people employed for so long. Even so, many of our employees stay for a couple of decades because of the good working environment. A job at Agidens is a job with variation and constant new challenges. Technology is in permanent evolution and that makes every project different. This is diversity.

Diverse backgrounds (in partnership)

We believe that diversity helps us to create and implement unique solutions. To enable our organisation to develop further, we therefore need staff from a wide variety of backgrounds who are prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams.

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