HAZOP: advice, support & training

What is a HAZOP?

A Hazard and Operability Study serves to map, analyze and evaluate process deviations and has the human activity as the core. The HAZOP study can be carried out for new and existing process installations. A HAZOP is mainly used in the process industry and in the (petro) chemical industry (Seveso / BRZO), but can also be applied within the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Our service regarding HAZOP includes:

  • We offer a good preparation and clear organization of the HAZOP-Team Meeting.
  • Our 'HAZOP-Leader' and '-Scribe' ensure an efficient analysis.
  • We pay a lot of attention to the so-called 'linking' of causes and consequences.
  • With the help of adapted software we can immediately prepare a report (f.e. for SIL).
  • We provide training for the execution of a tailor-made HAZOP.

Other methods

It is of course also possible to apply a different methodology or safety study. Our consultants have experience with, among others, Fine & Kinney, FMEA, LOPA, QRA and TRA.

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