Operational Excellence advies voor procesverbetering en procesoptimalisatie

Operational Excellence consultancy: Lean and Six Sigma

Many companies are looking for a more efficient way of working: producing a product or service of the best possible quality at minimum cost with maximum safety for staff and processes. With Lean & Six Sigma consultants at the right place we reduce any possible losses.

The ultimate goal is a well functioning organisation with optimal working methods. Automation and operational excellence of course go hand in hand and as automation specialist Agidens is therefore in the best position to immediately carry out an operational excellence exercise and implement improvement proposals.

A few examples:
  • Manufacturing Execution Software quickly provides a real-time overview of processes in the plant.
  • An automated process (logistics or production) ensures speedier production and higher quality.
  • Your staff make fewer mistakes with automatically generated on-site operator support.


Systematically working towards a waste-free process in accordance with LEAN principles acts as the guideline in many of the projects. Lean consultants closely examine your processes and analyse where efficiency improvements are possible.

Crucial are:

  • Lean production
  • Lean organisation
  • Lean maintenance
  • 7 or 8 wastes


At SIX SIGMA the variability of your business or production processes are reduced in order to control the process and product quality. Depending on the problem, tools such as SIPOC, SMED, Value Stream Mapping are used.


In addition to Lean and Six Sigma the Operational Excellence consultants have extensive expertise in the following fields:
  • Systematic optimisation of business and production processes
  • KPI analysis
  • Change Management
  • Workstation analysis, ergonomics
  • Quality assurance and improvement processes
  • Benchmarking and sparring partner for constant improvement projects

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