Automated rail networks for more safety and control

Rail networks for tramways, metro or train are subjected to strict safety requirements. Besides that, extensive monitoring of the network is of great importance for fluent traffic. That is why rail networks are highly automated. Agidens delivers specific support or builds a turnkey visualization and control system.

A to Z rail network automation

Agidens has a long experience in automating a wide range of infrastuctural constructions. If required by the client, we take all aspects of the project in scope. We deliver:
  • Design
  • Engineering (software, E&I, Safety, etc.)
  • Installation & Integration
  • Maintenance

Our solutions for rail networks

Together with our clients we increase safety, better control and more efficient management of rail networks. Therefore we deliver a.o.:
  • Safety systems (system engineering according to ISO 15288)
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Surveillance systems (CCTV, loud speakers, etc.)
  • Emergency lights and emergency power
  • Fire detection, fire stopping system, ventilation and pump control
  • Signaling and access control
  • Etc.

Why Agidens?

  • Agidens is a product independent automation specialist. We deliver a customized solution with the preferred system of the customer. Next to that, a collaboration with Agidens offers more advantages:
  • One supplier for all automation solutions: no need to hire several contractors for one project.
  • We integrate all systems involved so that you have a singular easy to use platform at your disposal for the entire control of your facilities.

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