E-workflows: Electronic workflows


Life Science industries evolve at an extremely rapid rate. For many companies in life sciences it is crucial to have good tools for support of best practices and supportive regulation for the operations of executive personnel.

With our e-workflows you achieve real and sustainable benefits in your critical work environment. Your operators are guaranteed to follow your standard working procedures, (SWPs or SOPs, standard operating procedures). You receive a high and constant level of electronic work instructions (EWIs) and corrective actions.

The benefits of an e-workflow

For situations where manual activities and procedures meet an e-workflow is an indispensible instrument. E-workflows offer the following benefits:
  • Operators follow the standard procedures
  • Constant performance level and quality
  • More predictable costs
  • Compliance
  • Brand protection
  • Digitalisation, control or adaption of work processes (from quality control and GMP monitoring to emergency measures, problem solving and rework)

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