AHOP by Agidens

AHOP: Mean and lean dry-hopping

A new generation of beers with a more pronounced and aromatic hop flavour is getting more and more interest from a broad beer drinking audience, let by the IPA (India Pale Ale) revolution.

Whilst these specialty beer volumes are increasing, the current dry-hopping techniques face challenges coping with bigger volumes of hop and are often time consuming, beer spoiling and complex.AHOP by Agidens

AHOP by Agidens (Patent pending)

Agidens developed a fully-automated hop dosing solution AHOP. This economical dosing solution tackles most challenges of existing dry-hopping techniques. The moveable unit is extensively tested on easy dosing of unlimited amounts of hop pellets into beer. 

Added value of AHOP

Why AHOP by Agidens?

The AHOP solution is developed based upon more than 30 years of experience in the brewery industry in order to meet our customers’ need to improve the efficiency and quality of their brewery processes.

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