Industrial IT, real-time information on your processes

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

With an MES solution of Agidens you take the next step in the automation of your production means. It is therefore no longer just a matter of the real-time monitoring, controlling and operating of your processes. With MES it is about optimising your production environment on the basis of information on your processes.

1. Interface between production and administration
MES connects administrative systems (such as ERP and CRM) to the production environment and ensures for a better synchronisation.

2. Production: execution and control
MES receives customer orders from an ERP system and converts these into production orders. These production orders are then scheduled in the correct production lines. Here MES ensures that the requirements (machines, personnel, equipment etc.) are available on time. In addition, it monitors the production, in collaboration with the underlying process control systems (PLC, SCADA etc.).

3. Correct information available for the right people at the right time
By filtering, analysing and saving data in a structured manner, MES transforms information from the production environment to usable information that is available for the right people at the right time. In this way modifications are possible during the production process (and not afterwards). MES also provides a structure for tracking & tracing and for KPI monitoring.


Various types of MES solutions are possible:
  • Market-specific solutions
  • Modular, universal platform solutions
  • Specific customised solutions
Agidens can provide support in all types of MES solutions, whether with systems developed in-house or whether with products and systems of partner companies.

Total picture of your production

For a Manufacturing Execution System project we provide:
  • allocation of production means (machines, labour, equipment, work documents)
  • collecting and distributing critical information
  • quality control
  • batch management
  • maintenance planning
  • work planning
  • analysis of the ongoing production in relation to the planning
  • tracking & tracing
  • document management
  • process management
  • operational planning of the production process

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