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PRESS RELEASE: New solutions for tank terminal market

Agidens has renewed its Terminal Management System. Since 1994, Agidens (in that time under the name Egemin) offers an elaborate (Tank) Terminal Management System named E’vita. After the name change from Egemin to Agidens in 2015, we now launch the results of the renewed and enlarged product offering. But there are more innovations with which Agidens is taking large steps towards the Tank Terminal of the Future.    

New name, new possibilities

The Terminal Management System E’vita is completely updated and offers not only a better user experience but also a range of new applications. Next to that, the new version is launched under a new name: ALINE. The name is derived from ‘to align’, seeing that the software aims at bringing different systems, assets and people on one line by making communication more efficient, by synchronizing the activities and by reducing paperwork.

The former version E’vita stands for Egemin Vertically Integrated Terminal Automation and is still an excellent TMS. “But every software package needs regular updates to allow operators and terminal owners to use new technological developments to run the terminal in an optimal way,” says Arnoud den Hoedt, General Manager of Agidens Process Automation. “Seeing that our company has a new name, we had to update our product names as well. Furthermore, it had been a few years since the last E’vita update. With the launch of ALINE, we fill two needs with one deed: a renewed software with a new name.”   

Innovative products

Innovation and development are key within Agidens. Geert Stienen, CEO at Agidens: “ Together with a number of partners, we are working on a different product innovations that will be launched in the coming years. We are working on a product to further digitalize terminals. This product will have the name AXCEL and offers our clients not only more efficiency, but also more control.”

At this moment, the first version of AXCEL is being finalized. This product suite that stands apart from ALINE, aims at increasing the scheduling activities of the terminal. It’s a modular system built up around an optimization engine that uses a model of a terminal while keeping into account not only the planned order, available assets and workforce, but also specific ‘rules and constraints’ of the terminal.

Ready for the future

Do tank terminals with an E’vita system need to upgrade immediately? “No, they can still count on our support of course,” says den Hoedt. “In the long term it is logic though to upgrade to ALINE. Because we are developing modules which we believe to better meet the needs of a modern stockage terminal.” With ALINE and AXCEL Agidens wants to offer its customers more efficiency, improved control and higher safety on the terminal. Logically, this will influence the customer and employee satisfaction. Seeing that the importance of digitalization will grow in the future, an investment in these products enables a terminal to stay one step ahead of its competitors. A continued strive for progress is in the DNA of Agidens: “that makes it better for everyone,” says Arnoud den Hoedt.

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