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Press release: Agidens offers innovative software solution for small and medium-sized Life Sciences businesses
Agidens, headquartered in Belgium, which offers automation services and compliance support to pharmaceutical companies, has signed a long-term agreement with the French software specialist Ennov. Together Agidens and Ennov offer a unique software package for paperless quality management and administration, compliancy with regulations, clinical studies and the strict surveillance of medicines (pharmacovigilance). The automated solution for small and medium-sized businesses is a perfect addition to Agidens’ current service portfolio. In the future, the company will take care of the implementation of the specialized software in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Unique complete solution for processes and products

Together with Ennov, Agidens can meet the need of a complete solution for quality management and administration in the life sciences sector. “Innovation is one of our strategic goals. The document management system of Ennov can be used for much more than that of its competitors”, says Pieter Tilkens, Director Agidens Life Sciences. “It is not only useful for quality control of processes and products, but it also allows companies to regulate the documents with authorities such as the ministry of public health and to follow-up clinical studies and the surveillance of their medicines. This is the ideal package for the small and medium-sized companies active in the life sciences industry.”

Increased patient safety

The automation software of Agidens and Ennov also increases patient safety. “Today monitoring and managing the quality of medicines and clinical studies is being done  manually by many companies”, according to Pieter Tilkens. “Most of times, this is not really compliant with regulations, which might bring along errors in the documentation. Next to that it is usually harder to intervene when something goes wrong. Small and medium-sized businesses that use the software, increase efficiency and compliance by digitalizing their paperwork. As a result, they get lower costs and a safer process.

Strategic cooperation

The cooperation with Ennov is of strategic importance to both companies. “Ennov is strongly represented in France, while we have established a solid base in Belgium and the Netherlands. Next to the geographical complementarity, Ennov’s product knowhow is a perfect addition to Agidens’ automation and validation knowhow. In the first phase, we will be focusing on market exploration”, says Pieter Tilkens. Agidens will support Ennov to validate the software and focus on small and medium-sized businesses in the biotech, medical devices and pharma industry. The next couple of years Agidens will train its employees intensively so they can soon take on implementation projects.

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