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Sale of Handling division and brand name Egemin finalized
Following the SPA signed on May 6th 2015, both Agidens International NV and the KION Group have signed and exchanged the necessary 'sale documents'. In doing so, the sale of Egemin NV and her subsidiaries has come to conclusion. Subsequently the last step of the transition towards two separate companies has been taken.

Given the fact we are two separate companies as of today, we have changed our online profiling. Agidens and Egemin have -as from today- their own websites. In the coming weeks the brand new Agidens website will be expanded and made available in different languages.

In a statement, Agidens CEO Geert Stienen, thanks all involved to make the sale possible: " Today is an excellent opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the successful transaction with KION.  We are sincerely grateful for the incredible commitment, hard work and enthusiasm of the last few months. Even during the holidays many of us have given the best of themselves to even get ready the smallest formalities in due time. At the same time we have never lost track of our daily business and our divisions have been operating on full force.  On behalf of the Agidens ExCo, the Board of Directors and shareholders, I would like to thank and congratulate all employees.

With the completion of the sale, I also want to address the management and staff of Egemin Automation. Side by side, we have built our company to a successful business during the last few years. We have (in some cases) spent time physically next to each other, we have celebrated successes and have held personnel parties together.  We are still close to each other and we expect in to cooperate in the future as well. To all former colleagues: thanks and good luck within the KION Group."

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